My favorite OpenSource project is Julia (www.julialang.org). As a physicist, I could never really befriend myself with OOP. With Julia I can write beautiful Code, which I also understand (with full UTF-8 support).

In Python you write pseudo code in Julia you write math.

In Addition, there is an optional package on Github for every fuck which can be handled by the integrated package manager (like using QML, Distributions, Databases, HTTP Server, and so on...)

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    Oh crap, nice name.
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    Never heard of it before last week now i this might be the 3rd time in as many days, looks really nice at a first glance
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    Ayy I just started learning Julia yesterday! Gotta any tips? Also it uses 1-based indexing which I was not expecting
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    There are a lot of discussions about the 1-based indexing. An argument pro is the familarity to matrix and vector from math.

    Essentially the indexing is arbitrary. With enough effort you could use everything to index.

    At https://julialang.org/learning are a lot of tutorials. Even the documentation provide a manual.

    In which field are you especially interested?
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