i3wm, use with vim and terminal stuff = barely touch mouse xD
(I'm so obsessed with i3 that I try to re-create it in Windows : https://github.com/CSaratakij/...)
(still not full featured, but get the job done xD)

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    Isn't this tiling stuff possible in windows?
    I know 2x2 or 1x2 is possible, i use it all the time, not sure about 3 or more next to each other tho
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    @nitwhiz You cant select other window without alt+tab or just use a mouse
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    @nitwhiz And if you use only keyboard, you have to cycle through virtual desktop in order to switch to your desire virtual desktop
    (if you have a lot of virtual desktop, this is such a pain)
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    @CSaratakij k, well then I'm actually interested in your project.:D
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    no gap at the top?
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    @JoshBent No, My program doesnt use a gap. The gap you see, cause by Windows 's compositor (DWM)
    It add 1 pixel border to window which make the size of window to be greater than the size of actual window for about 8 pixel. some app deal with that by handle this in its app (example, steam, visual studio).
    I havent try to disable DWM yet.
    (dont know if it even possible)
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