Just had a Skype call that explained a Skype chat about the fact that I can't do anything on a task, because we are waiting for another (external) dev do finish his work.

Time wasted for Skype chat: 10 min
Time wasted for Skype call: 20 min
Time wasted for stopping myself from doing any harm to the user: 30 min

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    If you outsourced that frustrating call to India you could have 15 people doing that for you in just 2 minutes and for a fraction of the cost!
    At least that's what my manager seems to think, and he obviously knows everything.
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    @forkbomber your manager may be wrong in this case. Outsourcing is a mixed bag. Often does not work as expected.
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    @Jumpshot44 tell me about it.
    I was hoping my cynicism was obvious enough.
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    @forkbomber I like what you did there, but I have enough of outsourcing things to India,
    I've seen some shit code that I can't unseen.
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