Visual studio enterprise pooped out on me today. Company says I need to install professional instead...

Well there goes 5 hours of my day

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    after trying pycharm and webstorm, visual studio feels so big and clunky. and browserlink is eating all my mem0ry :(
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    @neumann true true. I write in c# mainly and also JS. So I have to use VS...

    I'm going to check out webstorm tho!
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    @champion01 yeah me too im stuck with VS too, its a great IDE been using it for 10 years now, but just feels like they need to trim it a bit to many things going on, its to bloated
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    @neumann totally agree. When it's up and running it's fantastic. But otherwise it can be slow, clunky, crashes semi-often.

    For .net development IMO it's better than other options out there.
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    @champion1 i had too look up what I started with 😀 it was VS 2005. back in 2006 those were great days i started with asp. net 2.0 so i was spoiled, i missed out on asp. i couldn't remember what was before VS 2008. what about you?
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    @neumann I started on Visual studio 2012 so I got to play with the joys of that Haha. Luckily they included web essentials in that build.

    you've really seen it grow to what it is today! It would be painful to Jump into a time machine for .net 2.0 on VS 2006!!
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    @champion01 .Net 2.0 was a really good framework to develop in (it made it easy for guys like me to start coding), i don`t remember what version of C# it was. This was before Ajax, before Linq, EntityFramework, before Javascript was cool. The days of Webforms ...
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    @neumann those days are what we refer to as the dark ages of development! But idk anything about true dark ages since I started in 2010.

    Is the new tech refreshing in comparison?
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    why dark ages? so what was the punchcard era, the stone age of development :))
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