Work Pc is windows xp.... Dev board requires a Linux tool chain... The PC falls over trying to run a VM, so end up needing to run a VM on our CI server (beefiest bit of kit I have access to) , I have to deal with laggy eclipse, over RDP to the VM. On top of that the dev board comes with around 10k pages of documentation.... Most of which either doesn't work, or is missing vital bits of information.... Oh and PM has promised a working product to customers in less than 3 months l, despite us not actually managing to get the desired platform to even boot correctly yet.... *screams *

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    "Work PC is Windows XP."

    If a company was supplying me with a product and they were running Windows XP, I'd run a mile.
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    @drRoss they are trying to roll out 7 by the end of the year, but struggling as they want to lock everything down so much. Requested python 2.7.10 32bit 8 weeks ago for a win 7 machine (64 bit was already packaged, but a library we wanted to use required 32bit) no sign of it.... Ended up rewriting huge chunks of code so we can use a different library - yes I'm looking at moving job....
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