Second day at my new work when I got notified that my actual working time schedule is not what I have signed for (working in a BPO company, recruiter and HR made a mistake not notifying me about the time schedule update during Job offer, if only I knew it from the start i would definitely not gonna pick this job coz I have other job offers with much more desirable schedule or at least the same morning sched that i want). New required schedule is 3 hours later than my morning schedule, that makes my work starts at the afternoon. I don't want that kind of schedule coz I don't want to go home late given that I'm commuting from work and because of other extra curricular activities outside work.

I feel bad now ☹️

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    well then just take one of the other jobs and immediately quit that shit company. If they promised you things that they don't want to keep, it's their fault anyway.
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    The sad thing is I already turn down my previous applications for this company. Sad... I feel bad for this company's client coz it's not their fault as well. I think I'm gonna start looking for a new one again from scratch. I really feel so bad right now. 😭
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