So today my boss forwards me this pdf a client sent with some requests

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    Is “Remember me” still a thing people ask for? I tend to just use the browser/keychain to remember my passwords, but curious to know what the trend is.
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    I think you are mistaken! They asked for "forgot password" that clearly says "forgot your password?"

    Completely different.
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    Clients doing their best: being annoying af...
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    „The login page should also have...“
    I love redundancy.
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    @joycestick most people don't even know what that is so they use the remember me function. I've seen a few of non-working implementations though, they don't actually remember you.
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    @joycestick of course it is. Having to go to the log in page and manually click log in all the time is dumb and annoying, even if the details are automatically filled in.
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    @joycestick but remember me is about sustaining session without need for logging in. With keychain you still have to log in every time just dont have to remember and fill in login/password fields.
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    User infront of screen should knoe how to read, please change user.
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    What kind of UX hell..?
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