How can some developers take a full remote position when they work in a team?

I really appreciate the in real life contact with my team members, to discuss code, solve brain cracking problems together, doing peer programming etc

The days I have worked at home were good for focusing at my own tasks but I missed the team feeling.

Sure with tools you can share screens, collab on code via liveshare in vscode, use Skype to talk and what not but there is no random coworker passing by who takes a look what your doing and helps u with a problem that he knows how to fix

Just a small example why I prefer being at the office

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    You and I are polar opposites. The fact that both of us exist (besides reaffirming the duality of mankind) should be front and center when talking about optimum workspaces. Unfortunately, the discussion always ends up in open workplace for all or dark closets for all. We're all different, and that should not be ignored.
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