After 5 years of neglect I have finaly found some time to work on an old project of mine.

Not a bad view to work from either

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    Nan dayo?
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    Is this a zenbook ar similar?
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    Nice vivobook
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    @pionell it's a ZenBook UX430UA with an upgraded 1TB SSD
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    @rsync were in Cape Verde, when my partner is sleeping or she's getting ready I sneak off to code on the balcony
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    @dayo happy with it? I'm thinking about getting an ultraportable that wouldn't break the bank
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    @pionell I really like it, i previously had a bigger laptop and swapping to this was so much better

    - i7 8550u is much better then my previous "i5"
    - battery life is really good 6-8 hours with VMs runnung
    - very light and portable
    - screen is amazing even in bright light

    - Can't upgrade RAM
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    @dayo you're from Cape Verde? When are you going to invite us there??? :D

    Also...anyone here from French Polynesia? :P
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    @RanterPro no just there on holiday, unfortunately I'm back home now
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