"Is my presence still required?"

5 magic words which serve as a free escape out of every endless meeting, while telling your boss how ambitious you are, and your coworkers that their tangential discussions are boring as fuck.

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    I just drop meetings that I don't consider as relevant, and have either my schedule or a Lotus Notes malfunction as pretext. The latter is hands down the single best feature of Lotus Notes.
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    @S-Homles-MD PMs are not even supposed to estimate anything 😜
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    They should estimate how much would they screw up estimates. With such element of gambling they might like it. Might even learn to estimate close to realistic.
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    I should use that question more often as well.

    Usually less than 10% of most long meetings are even relevant to me, and I am needed for even less of the meeting.
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    @bittersweet Learned that the hard way, when my PM estimated "8 screens = 8 days"
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    Yeah, praise that sentence. Was my favorite back when I was employed.
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    Words to live by
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