It happened.

I have gotten 100% on every Google foobar question.

I just have to do the cryptography thing, then I'm done.

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    Nice. Sadly when I was chosen, there was a glitch and I was locked out after the first question, despite getting it right.
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    Nice. Im on question 3. Hmmmm maybe i should come back to it. It has been a loong time no see with foobar.
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    Congratulations... I got it from googling "dependency injection" IDK why. Either way was broken when I click to do it. So didn't even get to test one.
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    @Haxk20 you get kicked out of you wait longer than I think a week.
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    @ewpratten nope im still in
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    @ewpratten but my invitation expired.
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    Can you send me invite ?@ewpratten
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    No need i just searched some shit and it poped out on me again.
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    @Haxk20 that's what I mean
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    There are specific searches that trigger it with a low chance. I triggered it by just repeating the same search like twenty times in quick succession. Heh.

    Their implementation was disappointingly not clever.
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    @Root I have never gotten it through a search. I has always been through their developer docs.
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