Around 24 hours. Over 48 hours!
It's was in high school, I had a job in grocery store stucking up shelfs. I had two shifts that weekend. it's was Saturday I had just finished working a 13 hours shifts and my mates was pressuring me to join for video games and drinking.
Ofc I went there, got super drunk (beer pong and drinking league of legends).
It got really late(around 4am) and I knew I was supposed to be at work at 6 pm, so I call dad told him to drive me home and then to work! He did as awesome as he is!
Had to work 12 hours, I did 11 hours then my boss send me home.I was basically til at bit drink then I arrived I work for 4 hours I had the worst hangover the last 7 hours of work.
When I came we had guest and I had to be present!
Poor life decision, no regrets!

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