Saw this yesterday.

Wondering why did she choose to go for modelling instead of programming? 🤔

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    Well she's good at both, and she enjoys both I guess.
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    Here is her stack overflow account


    Here's some tutorials she made


    and then I will let you use your brain for a moment with the hint that doing more than two things is possible
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    People have the opportunities to achieve so much more in this century (compared to previous ones) if they really try, and it's pretty damn awesome when someone does.
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    She has more stack overflow point than me.
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    @inaba it's not about using my brain, it's about the curiosity.
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    @Floydian You wondered why she choose to go for modelling instead of programming, and I'm helping you to use your brain to answer that question
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    @inaba thank you for allowing me to use my brain.
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    @Floydian @inaba do you guys know each other or something?

    Is just I really don't get the necessity of that level of hostility from @inaba in the first place.

    Can anybody make a simple question without being mistreated immediately?

    (if you guys know and this is some friendly interaction then please dismiss my comment)
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    @grayfox no I don't know him/her/whatever gender
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    Well to each his/her opportunities, for me I only care about what the fuck is done with free time, she used it well, hoping I'm using it well too :)
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    @Fast-Nop I don't know why the down vote lol
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    Seen this image on reddit but didnt see her response. What a legend
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    She seems truly awesome. Idk why peeps are like that.
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    @JKyll feminst SJWs in full trigger mode. :-)
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    @Fast-Nop holy shit your comment was removed dude wtf
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    @JKyll but actually, it seems that she is pretty smart in career choices. With the popularity her current job gains her, combined with her SO profile, it will be easy to land a profitable job in Silicon Valley - in PR or management because being both black and female will make her diversity score rocket through the roof. A relevant tech career with will not be required.
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    @Fast-Nop this, I didn't even take into account that in my previous response but that's totally accurate.
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    @JKyll interesting. When logged in, I still see my comment, but not when logged out.

    @dfox what's going on?
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    @Fast-Nop sounds like you've been shadow banned, I didn't knew devrant had that. Clarification would be awesome.
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    Hostile environment 🤔

    Getting some sceptical comments doesn't mean it's a hostile environment

    But hey, that's just my opinion...
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    This is awesome. Everyone judges her immediately just because she is in a beauty pageant.

    Fuck society and their judgemental asses.

    As I've said before, this fucking industry is all about image. I run into it as well when looking for jobs, companies don't give much a rats ass about your code, just if you fit the bill of a "coder"
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    Glad that women got the guts to answer.
    EDIT : woman*
    Maybe that third beer under the sun has more effect than expected...
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    @Fast-Nop don't see your comment

    @dfox ???
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    It's sad that it must ALL be reactions and counter reactions.

    *Some* claim *all* women lack technical insight/intelligence. *Some* react by praising women with unnecessary exaggeration, telling companies to hire diversity regardless of skill, etc.

    It's tempting, maybe even natural to fight fire with fire.

    Of course I'm not even allowed to have an opinion, because I'm a "privileged straight white male". Privileged to lose my parents at age 7&12, got kicked out foster care at 14, survived alone and worked hard to gather knowledge. Meh.

    Respect BOTH men and women who learn new skills, whether its a 40 year old female senior database admin, a 16 year old trans/gay/black kid starting a react tutorial, or a "privileged" white sales dude deciding it's time to learn CSS.

    Respect to all who seek knowledge.

    It's about the ambition, potential and merit, not achievement, race or gender.

    And just fuck off with all the fallacious arguments aiming to drag people to polarized camps.
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    @bittersweet I don't get it what did I said that could be misconstrued as a fallacy?
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    I don't understand what's all this fuss over someone having 2 jobs...
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    @Traser yet another thread. 😂😂😂😂
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    Because she's hot?
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    @vigidis Because she got one of those jobs virtally doing nothing and it pays her probably 25 times more than devs who had to work for their daily jobs, and that's so unfair in a today's world of equality.
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    @Floydian You nailed it again!
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    @Floydian heard the expression: "F**k this! I'm gonna be a stripper!"?
    ...well, this is the more seldom version of it.
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    @norman70688 I honestly would stick with dev work than even get remotely close to the fashion / modelling industry...the amount of standards you are forced to uphold and all the complexes and phycological pressure that comes from being in that shark tank world makes me nauseated just at the thought...the way I see this, is as someone with 2 jobs earning a living. Sure it's more than what most of us make in a lifetime, but eroding your liver for a minuscule injustice such as this means you're in for a liver transplant if you stop and analyse all the insanity going on in society...
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    @Traser have you been part of the Avatar switch fuck up?

    The 'Hello World' thread?

    The username meaning thread?

    The Raven cult threads? Lol I keep doing shit and it blows up after hitting the fan. Fun to see everybody go nuts on it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    @Floydian @Traser dont forget the "good night @Floydian" philosophy
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    @Floydian Hmm no sorry but I can't remember that. I must admit that I've been off for like a year, just got back online 6 days ago.
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    @hubiruchi fuck you 😫😫 this good night shit has become a nightmare 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    @Traser no worries. Will create some more shitty ideas soon 😂😂😂
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    @JKyll Haha no I was not criticizing you, just expanding on your comment.

    I meant that fallacies and blanket statements are being used on both sides to polarize people into camps -- and it saddens me that this has to be played as if it's a war.

    Yes, sadly there are still a lot of misogynistic pigs, and sadly men and women are not being treated equally yet.

    But the reaction is this extreme third wave feminism bullshit which often unfolds into misandry... and then to counter that you got sad little frustrated boys joining "men's rights" clubs screaming all women are evil... and it's all countermovements upon countermovements.

    Meanwhile I feel like screaming at both camps "stop staring so much at each other's crotches, and do something worthwhile!".
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    There are two camps, one goes extreme one way in trying not to treat girls different, they treat them different, then those that are just pigs and are the stereotype of men out there.

    Either way as long as hormones exist and libidos aren't controlled there will be sexism and differences.
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    I agree, It's not like humans are made of stone, most men and women have his ancient impulse of "holy fuck I must breed for offspring, even if I have to smash some skulls in".

    But as semiintelligent apes we should be able to control impulses, to do this "civilization" thing, this communal stuff where we are able to control our instinctive impulsive id in favor of a beneficial social contract.

    I guess a lot of people can't really predict the effect of their actions beyond a few moments... I keep hoping though.
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    Well it's the internet what did you expect.
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    @Floydian so if I stop it will actually be a better night. Mission accomplished
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    Agree I keep hoping too. It all comes down to respecting each other as humans. Sadly it seems once egos get out of control so does this respect thing.

    I dont think there is an easy fix because our society puts too much effort into making money, power, ego into a good thing, what everyone should aspire to. Society creates the monsters they so desparately pretend to despise.
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    They're sexism
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    I did not read any comments in this thread

    I was sold on the first comment.

    Marry me, girl whose name I still don't know, I don't care.

    I am also a model who codes.

    We should be spouses and have children.

    that is all.
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    @rant1ng make babies, eh? 😂😂
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    As if a highly paid model would care about regular devs. She has way better shots in range.
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    Namespace App\Model

    Class Offspring

    Private initiate ()
    //none of your fucking business
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    @dfox @trogus btw, still no statement what's going on with silently blending out comments to other posters? I didn't see a TOS violation.

    Looks like DR now does have a moderation, and even a hidden one.
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    @Fast-Nop not sure what you’re taking about. We have a comment negative vote threshold and have almost always had it - comments with a certain amount of downvotes get hidden. These were voted on by the community, not us. I reviewed them and I agree with the downvotes, so I’m not going to remove them.
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    I guarantee the median salary of an internationally acclaimed model is so much more than what a young woman would make as a software developer, and she won't have to deal with people who doubt that she, a black lady, is as good at development as she happens to be.
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    @RememberMe this was true as in the past as it is now. History is full of people who have thrived in multiple fields. Newton, kepler, galileo all are such glorified examples. I feel we try to diversify much lesser now.
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    @dfox thanks for reviewing. :-) I'm perfectly fine with downvotes. However, at the time when it became invisible, it displayed a score level of 0 to me. Do you only count the amount of downvotes without the upvotes? Or does the display not work as intended?
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    @Fast-Nop it shouldn’t have had a score of 0. Or if it did it should had shown up. When I saw it it was well past the threshold of negatives for hiding, so it is possible people removed downvotes and then added them at some other point or something. However, we do now also only show -1 for comment scores no matter how many downvotes it has, because when we allowed it to show more we’d constantly get the question “why do you allow such a downvoted comment to stay” so now we’ve tried to make it a little less explicit.
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    @dfox ah that makes sense. Thanks a lot! :-)
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    @Fast-Nop it's true I upvoted it right after the -1 so it stayed at 0 but a few seconds later it was gone.
    @dfox what's the down vote threshold?

    Also would it make sense to not remove comments that don't violate the TOS just because people disagree with them? Otherwise hiding content like that will probably create a think tank were specific opinions are not allowed instead of debated. I'd say let the comments be and show all the down votes so people decide for themselves what to make of it, but those are just my thoughts on it.
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    @JKyll the useful idea is that shit like reposts or spam get heavily downvoted and then vanish. Or comments that are actually insulting. Abusing the downvote for disagreement is the issue, but I don't know any community with this feature where that doesn't kick in sooner or later.
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    @Fast-Nop you said it though, it's abusing the down vote system maybe there should be an option to contend it and unhide it. Maybe an option on your profile that states:

    Please select how easily offended you are:
    - I was bullied through highschool I can handle it
    - thick skinned
    - I cried these past presidential elections
    - Tumblr user

    That way we can auto-hide hard to swallow content, like a parental control thing but self imposed.
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    I still think the most offensive thing about all of this is the balloon dress.

    The static buildup, the accidental pops, that's one nerve-wrecking clothing item.
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    @bittersweet hahahaha you are on roll today.
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    Miss Dev
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