Just got my first 2 tor relays running; one with 20MB/s, one with 60MB/s. FeelsGoodMan.

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    Exit nodes of actual relays as exit nodes should have you blacklisted by now on half of the internet.
    I speak from experience
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    Can you explain?
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    @inpothet that's why i opted not to host exit nodes. i can't afford my website getting blocked by people's ISPs.

    @Gregozor2121 simple enough - if someone wants to anonymously abuse a service, they use tor. if someone wants to download sketchy files - they use tor. so many ISPs and websites take the coward's way out and preemptively block all tor nodes they can find. (Or, in the case of websites, at least let them pass a spam test. Try using google via tor, and you'll see what i mean). That's also the reason why "bridges" exist in the tor network. they are essentially nodes that don't show up in public lists, allowing people to use tor without their ISP noticing.
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    Thanks for explanation
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