Jack Ma's tips

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    Don't follow billionaire's tips!
    Here's why:

    Suppose there are 100 people. 10 of them are odd and do weird stuff that gets them close to bankruptcy, no stable life, no love, stress, etc. 90 are regular people that do regular stuff, get a job, run a small business, etc. Of these 90 people, only around 10 will have shitty jobs. The rest will be quite well off.

    Now you look at those 10 odd ones, and one of them gets lucky. He manages to swindle some regular people out of some money, gains some enemies, gets lucky with an investment, creates some hated shitty jobs, and gets rich.

    If everybody did what that rich dude did, 90% of them would be piss poor, broke, hated, without any relationships, etc.
    But you never hear of them. They're the losers.
    You follow that one dude that happened to be lucky.

    Nobody became rich and happy by following rich people advice. Follow your own path, and only take advice that makes sense to you. You'll never be able to copy someone else's success story.
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    @AndSoWeCode yeah, rich people usually forget their luck. Other people like them have done exactly the same, but luck, time or place didn't work so that they failed.

    Selfmade rich people usually fall prey to the Texas sharpshooter fallacy when explaining their success.
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    Getting billionaires' tips doesn't mean that do everything what they did. I mean get some ideas like how they faced problems on their journey, what they did to find a proper way to success etc if you need to begin a startup or any other thing. Get something to your life by looking and studying their lives.
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    Luck is a much much smaller factor than you realize, and that belief holds a lot of people back.

    I'm lucky I never believed in luck.
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    About tip #5....

    "Boss we have a DDoS opportunity"
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    @rant1ng not according to scientists, including Nobel prize laureates, big data analysts, etc.
    Most billionaires know less or worked less than many other people who don't have that wealth. It really boils down to luck.

    Even part of my mediocre success is due to luck. Big success means big luck.
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    @PythonTryHard Well you could view a DDos attack as a free resistance test
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    You've heard the expression "I work hard to get lucky" right?

    It's kind of what I'm talking about.

    And, I don't think those studies actually went out and surveyed 100 Jack Ma's, and ascertained they all had the same vision, who then all followed the same exact strategies, who then impolemented them all in the same way, and only Jack was successful.

    Because that would be the only way to prove luck is a factor.

    If you set out to do something, and you work your ass off to do it no matter what, you'll probably get there, or you'll change course and get somewhere close enough. Most people just quit, or don't even set the high goals to begin with. Or find an excuse, or whatever.

    You can't get somewhere you don't first purposefully envision going, and I dare say very few thought to become Ali Baba.
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    @rant1ng Richard Branson said to care only about the employee, and thus the employee will care about the customer. Jack Ma says to care about the customer first.
    . Which one is right then?

    Or how about George Soros? Let's all start shorting stocks! Except we know how many people have gone broke on this.

    For many things, some people end up rich and famous, others end up broke or in jail.
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    Putting employees second is a sure way to lose customers.
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