"serverless" is a stupid name. There's always a server, just not yours. It's just as dumb as people thinking "cloud" means there's no computer. There's always a computer, just not yours.

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    I believe is more about only using servers when you need him. Instead of running big servers all the time
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    Are you familiar with the OSI Stack? Serverless is appropriate as you don't worry about anything below layer 6.
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    Agreed, the first time I heard "serverless" I thought they meant like deploying a blockchain type database that gets distributed across multiple devices (hence no central server is needed).

    But then I read what it is and got really disappointed. Server/db as a service has been a thing for like 10 years since this term became a thing.
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    Just another marketing gimmick
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    It's just a buzzword. The word ends in "less" which implies "without".
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    Doesn't cloud mean its being processed inside these things in the sky? 🤔🤨
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    Serverless is also the name of aws lambda functions framework.
    That kinda makes sence 🤣
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    Serverless should really be local software, not a network thing
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    Is kinda confusing, when I started learning serverless functions I thought for a second of an empty rack, it was funny
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