I'm trying to setup software called RocketChat in a a DigitalOcean droplet.

It supports Caddy by default, but I need to forward ports 80 & 443 to get https to work.

So how do I forward these ports? I heard something about iptables or a firewall or something. I've been pulling my hair out for hours trying to figure this out and the horrible Rocketchat documentation on this doesn't help.

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    Can you access it from your local network?
    If yes, you only have to open the ports on the router/modem of your ISP.
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    @Kirito-kun No, it's a DigitalOcean droplet. It's hosted on someone else's infrastructure.
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    @EclipseMain I see, do you some Web panel for managing it?
    You can open a port with iptables that way: "iptables -I INPUT -p tcp/udp --dport [PORT] -j ACCEPT"
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