Neighbor played music again. I deauthed him again. Roughly 30 seconds later, the music stops and I just hear a childish screaming and banging (I assume he was banging his speakers against the wall).

Fucking beautiful. I wonder how long it will take him to realize.

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    Hopefully he ends up destroying them and throwing them out :3 those drivers must be pretty good for salvaging purposes! Or even assist him a bit by saying that his speakers must be broken.. :P
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    N00b time:

    How did you "deauthed" him?
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    @no-oxygen you can use aireplay-ng (iirc, been a while since I used the aircrack-ng tools) but I recall that @RantSomeWhere uses an esp8266 for it. On that subject, how do you program the damn thing without a NodeMCU? All I've got here is an Uno and no patience for a NodeMCU to be delivered from China 😕
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    "just hear a childish screaming and banging" i pictured something completely different
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    @SukMikeHok dude, I almost shat myself laughing
    @Condor an ordinary Uno won’t work, since it has no WiFi chip. You could find a shield somewhere, but you’d have to look into the source code to make it work like that and until then your NodeMCU will probably be delivered ;)
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    @RantSomeWhere that's not what I mean - of course the Uno doesn't have WiFi 😅 but it's often used as a programmer for other boards like the ATtiny85. Hence my curiosity as to whether the Uno can also program an esp8266 🙂
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    @Condor ouh, never mind then! I’m stupid.
    I dunno then.
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    Althought technically probably not illegal, I think it's morally not correct. (I'm aware that this might be an unpopular opinion)
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    @bootleg-dev I don’t care about morals.
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    @bootleg-dev Tampering with a Wifi you don't own is very probably illegal in most countries, though obviously not phrased as clearly in the law. In my country (France), an "intrusion in an IT system" is illegal.

    It could be argued in front of a court that a de-auth attack on a Wifi is just that.

    From wikipedia: "The Federal Communications Commission has fined hotels and other companies for launching deauthentication attacks on their own guests;", so it's definitely a no-go in the US too.
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    @Fradow @bootleg-dev you guys don't have fucking moron neighbors that play loud horrible music until 3am every fucking day, do you?

    If so, I doubt that you don't consider burning their house on the middle of the night.
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    @hell never said I wouldn't do the same just because it's illegal :)

    Though I'd try calling the police first, if asking him to turn the volume down don't work. I'm lucky to live in a place where it would probably be enough.
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