About 10 years ago my wife and I were buying a house. We found out late that we needed a lot more cash than we had previously thought we needed, and the deadline to deliver it was just a few days away. After returning home from my full-time gig at about 6pm, I took a break for a bit and then worked all night on a job for a client to make up the extra money. When 7am rolled around I had just finished up. Then I went back to work at my full-time job, and later met with the client to present my work. It was roughly 27 hours at a keyboard for me. That effort made it possible for us to successfully buy our first home. If you want something badly enough, make it happen!

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    This post actually made me feel good
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    was that before or after the subprime economy crash?
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    @heyheni after. Market value of homes did continue to crash a bit more after we purchased. We should have waited longer but it could have been much worse for us.
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    New home partyyyyy
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    I would have taken a sick day off from fulltime gig and then slept my ass off. Priority was done anyways.
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    Great drive! Hope what you delivered also helped the client
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    That's great man.
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