Y do u do tis Stack Overflow ;-;

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    The max I saw was -3 for no productive or duplicate but not stupid lol
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    I remove stack from the results as its hardly helpful at all
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    These days I made a question there, but solved without any help and told there the issue was solved. They downvoted anyway...
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    So many times the correct answer was wrong and didnt help
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    @jAsE I see plenty of questions that will likely be encountered by just that one person, answered, not downvoted.

    Too broad questions usually are hard to answer in a way that would cover the whole topic. It is possible, but SO is really about writing articles/solutions for big problems.

    Off topic - why are you even listing that in your complaint? There are topics in stack exchange network, just follow them.

    Duplicate - I don't understand complaint about it either. Plenty of people who do zero research and just go straight to SO to ask their question (or not even a question, just post a task).

    Do remember, that people answering those questions do it for free (or virtual points, whatever) and all they ask for is for people who ask questions is to read and follow rules, make their own research and help themselves by asking a good question that will require as little guessing and commenting as possible. Just respect time of those contributors.
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