If you are one of all those awesome developers and hackers and I only understand 20% of your rants then props to you and keep scrolling :-D

But if you are a young developer, fresh grad or just learning programming I have an idea, how about a mentor?

This literally just pop in my head right now while cleaning my kitchen!

I'd be learning along your side and also having lots of fun! I don't have any formal experience providing mentoring but have some education credits and patience.

I'm gonna stop the sales pitch because it's annoying even me! but Idk, i just thought that maybe there's someone else out there interested in mentoring services :P

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    I can tell you from experience that the best mentor out there is you yourself. Nobody else will be able to give you more motivation and power of will than you.
    I say, take the money you want to spend on mentoring services and take someone pretty to dinner. It'll do you alot better.
    But before that, I think the best way to learn programming is to get yourself a project. There are alot of websites out there that can give you great ideas on what to do. I'd recommend writing a simple server.

    And if you ever see a task that you think, "oh shit, I cant do that", just remember:
    The best engineers are the ones that solved problems they weren't qualified to solve.

    Happy programming!
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    @AforAutism I'm with you! That'd be the best agd it'd be awesome if everyone could be like you. 👍

    If this is not you there's no need to rain in others parade that might benefit from a mentor
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    I have found myself wanting a buddy who started coding at the same time, someone to bounce ideas or thoughts off can be useful asf. Or a mentor(!) someone to sit there answering my questions all day. I'm poor though so
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