Is it just me or feeling the imposter syndrome, and blogging about it is super trendy at the moment ?

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    Yes, mental illnesses and social disabilities are cool now. Didn't you get the memo?
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    @Jilano I've gotta get used to it
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    @Nans I still hope that it's just a trend that will die as quickly as it came to be, unfortunately, some tend to stick around for a while.

    The good thing is, by staying away from the usual "social media", you avoid most of that noise.
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    @Jilano It's just annoying when you are browsing websites to get technical information / career tips, and to end up finding 1 article out of 3 are about mental issues ...
    Anyway yeah, I hope the trend will soon disappear !
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    If you are a average straight white guy, like many in tech are, then you are the lowest scum on earth to the progressives. Some mental illness buys you an entry level ticket to the victim olympics, and you gain limited acceptance as human being. So yeah, that's a motivation.
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