I'd say Linux but seen that around a lot so I'll go with another favourite:


It's basically an offline navigation app which works with downloading maps offline and then you can use navigation without Internet (gps though of course).

It's very easy to use, looks okay enough and no fucking tracking at all. I was in Switzerland recently without any service (my friends didn't have service either and their navigation relies on Internet) and this fucker saves us big time.
Not saying that there aren't any other offline navigation apps but this one is awesome imo.

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    No tracking except for the US military which owns the GPS satellites 🙃 that's why I'm so excited about Galileo, 4 satellites are in orbit now if memory serves me right, with more to come. Then our navigation could come straight from the EU and be operated by civilians rather than militaries 🙂
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    @Condor afaik Galileo has all requored Satelites in the orbit. the only problem is that not many devices are on the market.
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    @stop after reading that article again, it looks like it's operational indeed. The 4 number apparently comes from the current inability to have permanent coverage from 4 satellites apparently, due to the Galileo constellation not being complete yet. Bit of a brainfart on my end 😅
    Also if anyone's interested, this is the aforementioned article: http://galileognss.eu/galileo-initi...
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    Sygic, the price for the maps is fair (imho) and they are updated forever.
    I already have the worldwide package and it's totally offline.
    Can't complain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @okstar Is it open source though? This is about open source projects :P
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    Oh, didn't thought it was about open source, sorry.
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    @Condor wait what
    As far as I know, GPS satellites just send timing signals which any GPS receiver can use to triangulate its position. There's no "tracking" here.
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    @RememberMe hmm, come to think of it.. good point. GPS satellites only broadcast time from their atomic clocks. Yeah, you're correct. Hah, these days I kinda assume tracking until I've thought about for a little while longer, just as much as I assume that I can't deny privacy policies until tried otherwise :') long live the 1984 dystopia that we live in I guess.. but yeah, GPS isn't one of them. Still though, Galileo is far more accurate and it being managed by civilians is something that I think is great.
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    I found it a bit too slow compared to google maps, at least on my phone.
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    @YousifMansour with the route calculation I agree but then, Google maps can use a huge ass Google backend, osmand uses your phone :)
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    I love OsmAnd as well, the only thing it is missing is traffic information during navigation.

    Another great open source one is Maps.me, there is even a version on F-Droid where all trackers and closed components have been removed.
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    @linuxxx @Condor cheers to both of you!

    I'll download this app right away as when I deliver things on the side, lack of internet fucks me over.

    But additionally I'll be glad to make use of some European satellites in the future
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    @SoulSkrix Most welcome, glad to be of help 😊
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    OSM(and) is also one of my favourite projects as well.

    Also, doing some mapping by oneself is fun from time to time - there is StreetComplete which makes it fairly easy to contribute. :)
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    @nin0x03 Good rephrase ;)

    And didn't know it was that easy, thanks for sharing! You seem to be a non googlish person yourself, never noticed that before, is that true?
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    @linuxxx ^^" - Yup, they made it really easy on this one, mainly you can answer questions depending on your GPS position e.g. "What is the speed limit for this street?, "What is the name of this street?".

    Yes, you could say that. :) I got in contact with more privacy-aware folks when I first studied CS and was never too keen to share my personal information with companies or people on the Internet (being a young girl sensitizes pretty early on :>), so eliminating Google seemed like a logical step to take at that time.
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    @rfc7168 Awesome! I know some guys who are trying to ditch Google as well but I only know one other girl who's trying this, with you added to that, two!

    Just saying this because about every girl here (guys aren't as bad mostly) can't live without Facebook and gmail and Instagram and especially WhatsApp and thus I find it quite awesome when I meet a girl who has the same views (or, approximately) on privacy/google etc as me :) (since this never happens)

    If you'd ever be interested, there's a signal group chat existing out of privacy/security oriented devRanters :) (if not, no hurt feelings!)
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    @rfc7168 Or, if you don't like group chats but wouldn't mind chatting personally, no problem either.

    Again, no pressure or whatsoever, I just get overly excited when meeting people who share my privacy views 😅
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    @linuxxx I didn't want to state a general causality but I also can't observe this demographic when I think of the "privacy-unaware" part of my contacts. (This may correlate with the majority of them being men now.)
    But maybe I was also somewhat lucky by being a tad too paranoid when it came to Facebook etc.

    Hehe, sounds cool. I'll drop you an email today/in the next days. :)
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