Hey guys i relased a new app called: SaleMonkey. Im currently working on the next update an would like to get some serious feedback from people who look at the app with a developer mindset to spot some Problems.
I hope its not Bad if i poste a linkt to my app. You can get it here:


Currently only on Android. Ios Version is planed for next year.


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    I played around a little bit. And on some selling Websites the desktop site is displayed instead of the mobile version. This happens on direct2drive, winGameStore and games gate. Haven't checked out all stores yet
    But I like your app. Sad that I don't have a gaming pc
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    @schug first of all, thank you :) The problem with the websites displaying this way are the websites themselves :) None of these websites have a mobile version as far as I can see. The default behavior of the internal web browser of my app is to load the url which the deal points to. If the website doesn't support a mobile view or is not responding the internal browser will show the desktop version. For example the sales of steam, origin or humble bundle are displayed correctly in the mobile version. Sadly, I can't change this behavior :) But still thanks for your feedback
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    The possibility to add alert for a game would be nice !
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    @MrEliptik thank you for your Feedback. Do you mean like a message to the User once a game is under certain price?
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    @Nino9612 Yes exactly.
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    @MrEliptik nice idea actually i take a look at it. I wrote it Inside my todo list. Thanks for the idea 👌
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    first: good job! i like your app.


    - I like the Option to open only in default browser.


    -Are there any libs or images you use and not created yourself? List them!

    Store Sales: solid

    Game Search:

    - favorites/lru as future feature?


    -minor bug: if the app starts you can see the "no games found" icon.

    - bug: the calculation of the saving is not equal to the website. Example 0.99$ > 0.20$ => 79% is your saving. On the website its 80%.

    - feature request: endless scroll

    - it's irritating that i'm not able to see the value i sorted by. ..and i can't test it very well. ;)

    - design: give the listitems more space. it's very tight.

    - design: use animate layout changes for sort menu.


    - design: use swipe and animations for tab changes

    - feature request: dark layout

    keep up the good work!
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    Wow, thank you for the detailed feedback. I will try to answer your points as well as possible. So here we go.

    - The info screen will undergo a huge layout change soon so it will show even more info.

    - The game favorite feature is planned for the next release. I'm currently working on it. Should be in the first release, but I couldn't get it done in time.

    - The bug you mentioned with the "no games found" icon, is due to the loading performance of the list I'm using. I also noticed the same problem and its currently on my todo list.

    - Then one with the calculation I didn't know yet. Thank you for mentioning it, I will take a look at it.
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    - Endless scroll is not really an option here because I'm only getting a limited size from the api I'm using and it's really not too much results to implement an endless scroll. However, I'm currently working on a way to get results from multiple stores inside of only one list. Like for example, you select steam, origin and humblebundle from the store search, view and click on the show, you will get only one list with all the sales going on these stores. An endless scroll would be nice in this case.

    - I also have the display of the filter mode on my todo list. At the very top to be specific. I'm still looking for a way to show it to the user in a nice simple design way. Maybe you have an idea?

    - Can you explain why exactly you think the list items are very tight? Is there an element that should have more space? Maybe you can post a screenshot so I can see if it's a problem with your screen density/size?

    - Dark mode is actually a very good idea. I put it on my todolist thanks
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    @Nino9612 yw

    filtermode: you can do it devrant style, like now but animated. Or you could use a popup like in the image.

    items: just put more margin top and bottom. try it.
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    @Nino9612 Yes I feel the same about the list. It could be a bit bigger
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    @DataJockey @MrEliptik

    Okay thanks for the feedback. I will try to do my best and make the list Items bigger. I think a layout change should do it. Maybe i could remove the share button and do the share on long hold.
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    I also have another question to you guys.

    Could you tell me what device you are using and how the overall app performance is?
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    @Nino9612 I am using an Honor 10 and everything seems pretty snappy. Load time when searching a game, or sorting list is approx ~1-2 sec max.
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    @MrEliptik Okay that sounds good how is the performance while scrolling trough a list and navigating fast between the tabs? That was a Major problem while developing the app.
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    @Nino9612 nexus 4

    all fine with the performance.

    As i said.. you should use animations for transitions. This way the app looks smoother and faster.
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    @DataJockey yeah everything but the tab navigation and filter actions have transition animations. But i will look into adding more animations where possible
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    @Nino9612 Real smooth for me no problem. Especially when data is loaded it's working perfectly
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    @MrEliptik @DataJockey okay thats very nice to hear :) Thank you guys again
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