You know your job really sucks when you dread going to work and you work remotely.

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    When you really love your shitty job because you can work remotely.... from a beach... in thailand... living in a cheap 5 star hotel with roomservice massage... hire 3 local devs.... let all the work be done by them... while sipping your cocktail and playing video games all day.

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    @heyheni fantasy level ...
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    I know exactly what you mean @rsync 😭

    When my phone pings me, I get stressed.
    Waking up and realizing i should check slack, i get stressed.
    Setting myself to available, ...
    Weekly conference calls where I get chewed out almost no matter what, ...
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    lol I swear you are a sister from another mother.

    What is scary is knowing there is another boss out there like mine.

    I really hope it isn't the norm.
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    @heyheni don't let elon musk hear you're working from a Thai beach. He might get the wrong idea.
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    If I write I'm in the same place it would indicate that I should do something about it.
    Not ready for that change yet...
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    @heyheni oh shit @rsync oh guys pure gold . Yes I work remotely and this is amazing to read, states of personality
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    @freshlyfe oh you're canadian... are you high? because i can't make sense about what you've just written. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sorry

    But yeah agreed, Swazi Gold is definitely a purely golden weed strain and perfectly suited for working remotely, since it doesn't contain as crazy much thc as the dispensary stuff. It makes reading indeed amazing. And as you do you feel your states of personality. Amazing!
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    @heyheni hahahahaha man I love your response. Nah I was not high. It's just nice to see how many people can do similar stuff so that's why keyword personality came in my mind. and thanks for sharing that Swazi Gold .

    I am also going to try using Ccel in the future with tincture or something like that .
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