Is it safe to use virtualbox for making and testing viruses.

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    Yes, just don't connect any of your real folders/drives to the VM and nothing can go wrong.

    I heard of a teacher in my old school that linked his music/photos to a VM and ran rm -rf /
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    I think it should be safe. I once ran 'wannacry' that way.
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    @astro29 is it gonna break pc if i downloaded virtualbox to D: drive?
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    @Computer nope. The virtual box uses a separate completely sealed of "drive". This means that the virtual box ("guest") can't access files on the real computer ("host"). This is, unless you explicitly tell the software (oracle virtualbox or whatever you use) to let the guest access a file or folder on the host. This is not set by default however, and as long as you don't change anything related to file sharing in the software, you should be fine
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    @DavRant Thanks :)
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