I usually write my rants on a notepad, before I put them here, just for safety.

And I'm really glad I do so.

80% of my unpublished rants from the last weeks are so full of frustration and hate (mostly because of the clients + money relationship) that even I got kinda afraid of what I wrote.

Sometimes it's good that I'm good at holding up.

I don't know how long, though. 😕

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    Put it all out here
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    @Codex404 @RantSomeWhere, thanks! 😊

    I'll try to now hold up too much then (or else, I might blow up someday), let's see what happens ðŸĪ”
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    At least leave the notebook of rants for the next dev, when you leave. I inherited a notebook of incoherent scribbles one time and I rather enjoyed it.
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    @shittywebdev oh, there won't be a next dev. I work as a freelance developer, so home-office :P.

    I'm really eager, though, to blog all those rants openly, so clients can see how I feel about their fugly behavior. But this might kill whatever relationship I have with them.

    To avoid getting pissed off about this I even put a whiteboard on my workspace here, to write motivational messages. But the only thing I ever wrote in it is: "I want to beat the hell out of my clients with a guitar".
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    "with a guitar", ha!
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    @shittywebdev it was originally a "mace", but I thought it was "too brutal" ðŸĪŠ
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