Ever have those times in your life when you feel more useless than the Sublime Text pro version?

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    i think sublime should just go completely free because whats the point when theres editors like atom, vscode, brackets that do more and are free.
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    Actually ultimate useless is winrare license that's maximum depression lol
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    @Kryptic0 all the editors you just listed are built in electron. Sublime is definitely not worth the license cost for me personally but if performance and efficiency matters to you, it still stands largely alone as a light weight, stable, cross platform, extensible and regularly updated text editor with a strong community around it and no tech behemoth agenda driving its direction.
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    You may laugh. I buyed sublime.
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    @Noren I did too. I don't mind paying for software if I use it. Donate to multiple open source projects too.
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    VS Code ♥
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    I'm typing almost all my code in sublime since years now. But I'm a motherfucker, I just blocked the popup.

    Also this icon is ugly, put the old one!
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    Bought it as well. Sublime text is a solid text editor with good foundation
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    Did Sublime finally get a decent icon?
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