I'm at work but not working, at all!

Planning was done very badly, my team finished in a very effective and efficient way, even before the timeline(including tests and all other things).

It's been a month(or so) since I'm not doing anything, the start was cool, I know most of you are gonna say you envy this, believe me, I'm not, I feel useless and the sense I could be fired at anytime increases everyday (my personal paranoia).

What would Brian Boitano do?

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    Write some answers on Stackoverflow. It will look like you are working hard and looks good on the cv :)
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    Learn something new, refactor existing spaghetti, build new tools to help you in the future, or start a new experimental project that you can later demonstrate to your lead if it turns out good.
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    @Noren Actually that is how I got the score on my stack overflow account
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    @electrineer That is true my friend, "there is always something to do" I've heard
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