Imma be real with youse, i havent been posting shit cause i have a great job with great teammates and great management. Like it a rant that i cant rant but thats a good thig i guess. But ion wanna see devrant community goin down the gutter cause old members r leavin so imma stick around and post stupid shit in the comments as usual. So youse can stop bothering me bout bein inactive hmmm

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    I'm new compared to you, but long enough here to have seen some good people leave.. but I like this place anyway.

    Oh and I can relate to few work rants because the team is good. Everyone is somewhat freaky in his/her own way so everyone expects the quirks of the others. No discrimination on race or nationality. And neither on gender, which nobody would dare with our ladies anyway.

    But luckily, tech itself has so many fuckups that are always worth a rant. :-)
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    imma be real wichu imma keep it one hunnid aight u need post more aight or imma slam yoass
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    Yeah I'd love to know where some of the OG folks have gone... I'd grown used to seeing their posts and suddenly their accounts have vanished...
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