Follow-up to https://devrant.com/rants/1754950:

I've finally been able to completely migrate my 4TB Elements to btrfs, copy all the data over (initially did it from my laptop out of laziness, thing overheated, mounted to my server afterwards to copy from there) and now it's mounted to my WanBLowS host again. And I gotta say, it works like a charm! Rsync which previously would mindlessly copy everything over from the server to the (at the time) NTFS drive, now leaves existing files as-is, as it should.

And why is that? Btrfs to btrfs, or a POSIX-compliant filesystem to another POSIX-compliant filesystem rather. Could be ext filesystems, HFS filesystems, or whatever. But not NTFS, because its file attributes aren't POSIX-compatible. That's why rsync chokes on it. And you think that Crapple Thinks Different.. which, granted, they do. But Microshit.. that's a whole different level beast altogether! Every fucking thing they do, every time it's shit and never is it remotely compatible with common standards, and it extends itself even to something rather trivial yet vital to the OS - the NTFS filesystem. Think fucking Different, it isn't an Apple exclusive!

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    And another BSOD.. classic. Piece of shit 😑
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    Good job!

    Not having to personally deal with storage is probably the reason why I stayed in research, free petabyte storage and gigabit connection, just cp or rsync daily
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