*tries to convert a Windows drive into btrfs*
*copies the whole 1.4TB of data back from server*

Windows: Wait, you expect me to do more than browsing the Phasebuk and playing games? Over a million files?! No no no, can't do that.
*reboot after BSOD*
Ehm, a hard drive you say? A drive that I just fucked up? What are you talking about? I don't see any hard drive :/

Piece of shit.

Crappy Arch Linux laptop: ah, I see a new hard drive connected here. Limme mount it real quick for ya :3
Me: eh, not now. I want to format it first.
Linux: oh, cool! Your wish is my command <3
*formats hard drive to btrfs*
Me: alright, now please copy all that 1.4TB onto the drive and please don't overheat _/\_
Linux: Gotcha! On your commands sir!

See the difference? The mental communication level? Windows is like talking to an obnoxious grade schooler that just does whatever the fuck they want to. Linux on the other hand is so much more mature and capable. Guess which one I like the most.

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    Hold on. HOLD ON. You're not @Linux, but you look like him! I'm very much bamboozled my dear sir
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    "Limme mount it real quick for ya" - no linux, never 😂
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    Oh, I see your problem, you’re taking a Windows Drive and converting the fucker to a non windows format (fat/ntfs) on Windows - I really don’t know how you expect Windows to cope with that - it wasn’t made for that kind of flexibility.
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    @dontPanic - don’t panic ok!
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    @C0D4 I've installed a btrfs driver into it beforehand :) it's quite cool actually! https://github.com/maharmstone/...
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    @C0D4 I will panic when I feel like it! One should always know where one's towel is.
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    @Condor looks cool, but it only recently left beta - you early adopter you!
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    @dontPanic what if I told you, there is no towel 😏
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    @C0D4 Moar bleeding edge, Moar better! :3
    (well I have backups to my file server so yeah.. no issues with a beta here :) and I needed something other than NTFS anyway because NTFS apparently doesn't mirror very well with my file server.. attribute mismatches etc)
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    @C0D4 there always is A towel, moreover it should also be THE towel.
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    @dontPanic and also the HGTTGalaxy
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    I deal with TBs of data on my Windows network practically weekly. There is some incompetence going on here.

    If you got a blue screen you either have a hardware/driver problem or you're still running Vista.
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    @intromatt Windows 10, and the drive works perfectly fine in Linux. Also, would you please refrain from calling people out as incompetent, just because I have issues with Windows' incompatibility with Linux.. or, well, pretty much any other operating system out there?
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    May I ask why btrfs? I mean... I thought its biggest pro was the easy resizeability within LVM
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    @soulsuke I like to use it on my Linux systems because of a little story from a while ago. When some bastard at the previous place I lived at kept on tripping breakers with his shitty electronics (not me, some other bastard that didn't know that shorting shit out is dangerous) and consequently caused my server to crap out multiple times, I got tired from the whole fsck process in ext4. So I looked at btrfs and converted the server to it, bastard tripped the breaker some 8 more times, and it turns out that btrfs is far more resilient to power losses. After that, it kinda stuck on me.

    It's got some other cool features though, like snapshots and built-in RAID support (so no dicking around with mdadm anymore). Oh and subvolumes, the ability to mount your drive in multiple places at once! Those things are fucking amazing. Lastly, I quite like how the kernel team is building this. The stuff from those chaps (and some lassies) is always rock solid.
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    @Condor It looks like btrfs has made some real progress since the last timw I've looked at it XD I sort of remember it being the little step-brother of zfs, feature wise. Not bad :o

    And no wonder you want it under Windows XD
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    @Condor You should stick with NTFS and stop complicating your life for no reason at all.
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    @intromatt The server runs on btrfs (and like hell am I going to change THAT to the crap that is NTFS), and if it wasn't for Nvidia, I wouldn't bother with NTFS or even Windows on this Acer machine to begin with. NTFS is an absolute piece of garbage, especially with its file attributes being different from POSIX-compliant filesystems like ext4, btrfs, HFS or what have you (all of those are actually compatible with each other because of POSIX). Now does that mean that I am incompetent for mainly using Linux but having one Windows box and thus constantly experiencing the clusterfuck that is Microsoft's products, or that everything that Microsoft produces is just utter fucking garbage?
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