Coming from Java, Swift, C# etc to Python has been horrible.

Has anybody else reached a level of absolute hatred for this stupid and impractical language?

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    It's a good language, it just has been fucked up by PC busybodies lately
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    Why use it if you don’t like it? There are lots of languages out there.
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    Python is fine, work on javascript. You will realize how happy you were :)
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    I came from python to haskell, java, C/C++ and, C#. and yet don't feel the opposite.
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    You answered your question yourself. "Coming from C#,java" to python can be horrible as you tend to follow the standards for those languages.
    Move on from them and start python afresh. Make it a point to always follow PEP8 no matter the situation.

    And soon you will find your code much more readable and clean. Slowly you will start loving this language.

    I moved on to python from c++ 1 year ago and it was horrible at start. But now python is my favorite language.
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    I too think that Python is a shit language. I don't even know why but I just hate Python
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    Finally someone who agrees with my python hatred
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    Well, I am coming from php, which is also shit. Actually, I like python for scripting, but when you start to use it for actual applications it is a crap. Anyway, lately I was developing with it my side project (it was the best choice) and I think I am getting a little bit used to it. But, if I had a choice, golang would be the first to choose.
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    I think it's a good language until you have to use it in a large scale application
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    @boopboop this. python is used best for small projects imo. for more complex stuff, use one of the more complex languages.

    Not saying that python can't be used for complex tasks, but it's a nuisance.
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    School with c/c++and java, work Coming from php, than always c# (best choice ever)... Hate js, worst language ever. But it's good for some small script at least
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    @devios1 simple, computer science course.
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    Like most of you said, python is good for scripting but not for large applications. I am building a realtively complicated project in it and this may be why I hate it then
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    All this "political correctness" cancer spreading through the Python community at the moment over "master/slave" terminology has me wondering where will it end. When the pendulum swings will be have a pro-life movement opposed to pre-emptively killing processes? Will a branch of PETA form to oppose the taxonomic appropriation of reptilian names for the language as a whole? Are we going to need to find gender-neutral names for motherboards to avoid offending those who are offended by the oppressive digital binary? Will removing "mother" from the name motherboard invite 6th wave feminists to decry the influence of toxic masculinity in electronics? Do snake lives matter? Seriously, some people need to take a month off to go fuck themselves somewhere far far away and stop confusing "diversity" with "rampant idiocy".
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