After I took some time off from work, I decided to accept the offer for maintenance of two projects. Those are from two old clients, so I think I will not stress too much, since I know what to expect most of the time.

The issue is, sometimes I have a hard time to keep concentration. In the past, I could work for 3h straight, totally focused, would pause for 20min for stretch, and then come back to work. Now I can only focus for 30min or 1h, and after a pause, it's hard to concentrate again.

There is a lot going on in my life right now, and I know the worry is probably distracting me. I'm trying to listen instrumental music, drinking coffee... But that's not enough. Somebody has any tip?

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    I know it can be hard to concentrate when life is "happening."

    The best thing you can do if you feel really overwhelmed is to talk to your project manager about it (if they're cool about that type of thing). Make them aware that you're having problems in life right now, that it's only temporary, and ask if there are any company resources that could leverage during this time.

    I went through something a little over a year ago similar - best thing I ever did was discuss it with my manager and he pointed me to some free therapy that the company offered.

    Good luck with whatever you're going through, it gets better.
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    Following for advice.
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    I am on keto diet.
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    It helped me to get some vitamins. I have a vitamin d deficiency and have to take supplements anyway, and sometimes it helps me to take one of those multivitamin things.

    A short nap, about 20 mins, helps usually a lot more then a break at the pc for 2 hours.

    Otherwise... I dunno. Sports?
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    I had to develop the ability to focus on shit I had to do early in life. Like, preparing and writing four hours exams knowing that death was impending on a beloved close family member way before normal. But thinking about that wouldn't have changed the way things were destined to go.

    Do something about the things you can change.

    Accept the things you can't change.

    But overall, grow the wisdom to discern between these two.
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