Bought a Microsoft surface (3 pro) from a colleague (more about how that runs later).

It had only one USB port and I definitely need more so started searching online for docks. They mostly seem to be about 100+ euro and all have hdmi ports and other shit other than USB ports as well but I don't need that.

Fuck it, let's get creative (and fuck 100 euro for something like this)!

Double sided tape (however you call that) + 2 euro USB dock:

Works like a charm!

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    Did you get linux runing on it yet (especially including driver support for touch, pen and typecover? The last time I've checked (although that was for a surface 4) the support was still very unstable
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    @Wack Of course! Step one was to remove this malware (spyware really) strain on it which called itself windows 10.

    Touch is working out of the box, touch pen - no clue (battery dead and why'd I buy new ones since I don't use it), type cover works great!
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    @linuxxx what I still don't like about it, is how difficult those things are to dissasemble, they put so much fucking glue in those things...
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    @Wack I hardly know shit about hardware and disassembly is something I'd never do anyways 😅
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    @CryptoNode Couldn't you screw it open and replace the drive?
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    @MrWouter theyvare probably glued to be sturdy enough just like modern phones.
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    Got my GF to migrate from Mac to Surface 😁
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    @ScriptCoded If the surface runs windows I'd personally not see that as an improvement 😜
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    @CryptoNode Those m.2 drives you mean?
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    I spot Action tech...
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    Great job you did t here, get what exactly is needed, I know out of scope but I hate it when people throw good amount of money on something they barely use 5% of it

    By the way if you don't mind asking, why a tablet, especially that it's windows, how will windows help you?
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    @linuxxx Kinda get what you mean, but really, she had to learn how stuff actually work, and Linux felt like a little bit of rough start :P
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    @linuxxx I believe you need an external power supply as the max output is 500 mA. Having 4 USB ports gives you like 125 mA per port. Try connecting 2 USB hard drives to see what I am talking about :)
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    Isn't Linux perfect for demonstrating how computer works in comparison to windows or mac?

    I started teaching my young sister Ubuntu about 2 years go, she's now able to install Arch Linux and configure the system on her own, I highly doubt her school IPT teacher could do that...
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    Sorry if all caps was annoying.
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    Nice work, but there's one thing that I don't like about those dongles (not your work, Maxxter's).. the wires inside of those things are chintzy as fuck. I've opened one of those before and immediately determined.. unusable as-is. Too chintzy, too unreliable, can't even charge anything with a thin wire like that (maybe a single strand of copper) and the controller is actually exactly the same as the regular Maxxter hubs, but at double the price. So you'd probably be better off with buying a regular hub, some USB-C connectors from offshore China, and soldering some wires to that. Cheaper and far more Skookum, as it's called in some circles.
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    @Gaveuxifort Well, perhaps. But I'd rather see she has something she can learn on her own :)
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    Personally I would have chosen a Bluetooth dock, but hey it's hard to beat a ~3 euros solution 👍
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    @ScriptCoded That's fine! My highly atechnical parents and sister use elementary os and Ubuntu themselves and find it easier to use than windows. Not forcing you into anything but just saying that Linux isn't hard to use per definition.
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    @linuxxx Hmm, perhaps I should give it a go then! I can probably install it as dual boot on her Surface, but my ThinkPad can't handle installing for USB for some stupid reason...
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    @ScriptCoded secure boot maybe?
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    @linuxxx Tried that and a ton of other shit.. :/ The problem comes when booting after the install. It doesn't boot at all... :'(
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