Taken from the master/slave debate in python. (Link: https://github.com/python/cpython/...)

They locked the PR right after. I cannot believe the active censorship of honest debate on an open source project. It's like the bullshit of r/bitcoin and bitcoin core all over again.

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    I don't think it was honest or good faith debate though. I read a whole load of it before the lock and it was mainly people saying shit about "the SJWs" and all that other played out horse shit, not actually talking about why this happened it, or what was bad about it, if anything.
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    So much for the "Open" in open source community.
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    @mordax plz support this petition and my latest rant, as a woman in tech I think you understand.

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    @n3xus @hyperlisk and I have signed to help your cause. Good luck.
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    @ewpratten thanks stranger you are now officially on the right side of history.
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    @JKyll why? I cannot understand!
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    @WabriDev can you be more specific? it's kind of a wide subject.
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    conveniently, marking comments also removes their up/downvote reactions.
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    @JKyll I really really hope you are kidding
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    @ng1905 obvious troll is obvious, that's the fun part.
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    This is idiotic. If they just changed it and skipped the justification part nobody would have cared.
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    @JKyll keep up the good work with your petition 😊
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    Maybe now i understand... MAYBE
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    Because they locked it, I couldn't cast any votes on it 😭 but I've seen the votes on those so-called "disruptive comments" earlier as well as theirs.. from that I can kinda understand why they wanted to shove it under the rug.. they got completely roasted 🙃
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    Those are some well thought-out and perfectly reasonable comments on that thread that are getting marked as disruptive and hidden. It is a sad day indeed when the opinions of the vast majority of the development community are being silenced for political reasons.
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    I will sign given the terms that mastrubation is considered a sin
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    Censorship within a request for censorship?
    Never saw that one coming.
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