Google has none of your best interests at heart. Simple. Their stuff is free so that you use it so that they get your information. Anyone who can’t see that has the makings of a trap is evidence that evolution halted since the dawn of modern society.

Yummy steak tied to the tree over this net, you know. Yummy steaks don’t tie themselves to trees.

Google makes money from advertisers because they can influence and train customers. And it’s not just by playing ads; by controlling what you do and don’t see they’re shaping you to be whoever they want whether for political agendas or to make you the consumer they want. And the reason it works is because really smart guys like you don’t notice it and think you’re immune. But you’re not and there’s a mountain of proof that you are not.

So if you want this country/world to be run by something other than google and Facebook you should not be using them. They have no right to be trying to exercise their influence over you.

Also, we develop all this stupid shit technology in the USA where we don’t fear political persecution the way people in Afghanistan or iraq do, and what we develop here that we naively assume won’t be used against us here goes straight over seas to countries where it’s used to track down people’s families and kill them. It’s absolutely sick, and everybody is in denial that this is happening.

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    One actaully doesn't have to go to Afghanistan to see how bad this is.

    Facebook was heavily used to manipulate the results of the presidential election in the USA in 2016. Parties paid Facebook to show users specific content and censor other things.
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    @404response you’re right man.
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    @FrodoSwaggins it just pisses me off how little is done against it by authorities.

    Seeing 60+ year old senators, not knowing how Facebook, WhatsApp or the Internet even works, question Zuckerberg about Facebook was the most laughable and saddening thing I have seen all year. Well except for the rape of net neutrality and the EU fisting content creators with their new ideas of how copyright should work.
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    @404response I was in the same boat watching that. It was like, yeah they needed to question him, but none of them had any idea what questions to ask and none of them could tell when he evaded the question. And of course nothing became of it, and nothing ever will. Made me depressed...
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    What is worse is that it ia not even designed to do that, marketing and progapaganda are.

    Facebook and google are just compatible.
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    Doomsday asteroid, please ☹
    Put this ant colony called humanity out of its misery.
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    I'd be fucked if Google and Facebook start using steaks to lure people.
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    Not to mention how these tech giants level anything that even remotely has the potential to compete with them. They immediately buy out any competition.

    Sooner or later they themselves will buy each other out. The last man standing wins the game. It'll be like the one one ring to rule us all.
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    @bigus-dickus I'm confused as to why anti-trust laws (monopoly laws) don't apply to Google, Amazon, Microsoft (at least again), etc. Because that's exactly what Google is.

    If anyone ever needs proof, ask them to avoid using anything from Google. It's basically impossible.
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    @Root They dominated the market early on. They grew so much out of proportion before anyone even realized that monopoly laws should apply to IT world too.

    Their growth was tremendous and unprecedented. The EU is only beginning to come to terms with the scope and scale of operations they're involved in. They are trying to regulate modern technology with a medieval approach.

    Google flooded the market with so many choices and products, they basically choked every other competition out of existence.
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    @Root because it’s easy to explain it as not a monopoly when your audience are idiots. If it’s not oil they don’t know how to understand whether it’s a monopoly or not.
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