Who here is personally confused by master/slave terminology?

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    Seems about right
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    I'm not confused, I'm aroused.
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    Confused are the people seeing the need to change this terminology.. I don't know them but I guess they never saw a hdd from "back in the days" with jumper configuration.
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    You are confused about it probably because you are not racist or dumb enough to see how it can offend some people.
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    Dumb enough? Ooooh, I cannot wait until people start getting offended over OOP/Operating Systems terminologies then and start demanding changes over those, too.
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    Not confused in the least.
    It's simple, succinct, and their meanings are incredibly obvious.

    Changing it because "diversity" doesn't make sense. Nor does "because racism" -- slavery hasn't happened in the civilized world for 200 years. Also, both of these "reasons" imply races. There isn't a "slave race" -- people from all races have been taken as slaves. Also, these words are never used in a "racist" context in development. They're used in a development context. So forcing this change is actually introducing them as racist terms when there weren't any before. Their attempt at removing "racism" actually adds it. Good fucking job idiots. The entire thing is bloody fucking stupid.
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    @Root Fucking thank you.
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    @Root did you say slavery hasnt happened in 200 years?

    Are you quoting or are you sarcastic?

    Slavery is still a big thing.

    I think the debate about master/slavery is utterly preposterous,and i agree with your point, that poiting at it as offensive politicizes something that is not at all political.

    But don‘t say slavery hasnt happened in 200 years. You sound as ignorant as those who intiated the debate.
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    @Santaclauze I said "in the civilaized world." The portions of the middle east and related parts of Africa where slavery is still commonplace are not civialized.
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    @Root is england civilized?
    Every year you have cases in the western countries that involve a house helper from places like india or the philipines who has actually been locked inside and passport taken away. No pay, minimum nutrition and abuse. Thats slavery

    What about sexual slavery?
    Creating drug addicts and manipulating mentally si slavery as well, probably in a more subtle way, but iltimately it is the same.

    Slavery is a lot more common then you think. Even though i agree with all your other points.
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    @Santaclauze Agreed. That very much still happens. I will concede the point; however, I will also posit that those individuals responsible are likewise not civilized.(or psycho/sociopathic)

    But in general, people suck. They suck slightly less now than centuries ago, but some people still very thoroughly suck, regardless of location. Fortunately, some countries have fewer (by percentage, obv) than others.
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    @Root agreeed ;)
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    @Santaclauze Yay, I thought that came across as rude. Glad it didn't. Typing in a room full of noise is not conducive to sounding friendly!
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    @Root i dont mind rude if your are logical and not trying to be mean :)
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    @Santaclauze Oh good.
    If I was any more indifferent/blind to emotions / social etiquette, I would probably behave like Linus. 😕

    I try so hard to be friendly. (Even when undeserved, which is kind of an issue...)
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