Are you for real Guido/python devs?! Can we stop shoving politics into non issues just to virtue signal please?

What the fuck is next?! Oh you can't kill a process you politely put it to sleep, you can't call that machine a server anymore it might get offended now it's called a service caring electrical appliance, hey what about removing python all together after all python could be misconstrued as phallic and drive women away; I know! Let's call it Santa/elves instead of master/slave!

Fuck off! And what's that of you being akward saying server/slave terminology around black people? That's insanely racist! Who the fuck thinks all black people are descendants of slaves? Why the fuck are you racist enough to imply they can't do their job properly because (unlike you) they would be uncomfortable, you low expectations racist fuck!

You just fucked with your open source base and I really don't wanna see python going woke and then broke.


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    I wonder if any of the devs is a Master of Science
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    >Merged into master
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    @xewl if he feels akward saying "let's spin up a new slave server" imagine when he says "let's spin up a new child server to replace the one that died".
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    @electrineer Of course! Now I'm wondering if they want to rename "Master degree" too.
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    I don't have parents I think the "parent" and "children" replacements are mean and harmful to me.
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    @feroza and some people can't have children no matter how hard they try
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    For additional wtf factor, but it's actually a surprisingly good read too: http://antirez.com/news/122
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    Seems weird that "master" was replaced by 3 different words tough
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    I genuinely believe PC culture will be the downfall of Western society if we're not careful. You do NOT have the right to not be offended! Productive conversation cannot exist without risking being offensive. The public giving a shit about your feelings is a 1 way ticket to extinction!
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    @electrineer nice read indeed, I didn't know this was some sort of micro movement inside the open source community, at least I'm not the only one who sees it's bs.
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    Seriously?! This is a thing? Now we’ll never get to the Moon again. Can you imagine if we had to define 50 different genders for male/female electrical connectors in a spacecraft?

    Bob: “Hey Jim, pass me that male-ended power coupling.”

    Jim: “Bob, do you want to revise that statement for those of us who are offended by such binary assertions?”

    Bob: “Um, what?”

    Jim: “SECURITY! I’m TRIGGERED! Remove Bob from the premises!”
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    @stackodev I know right! It's baffling
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    But if you're working with parent/child process sooner or later you're gonna end up having to kill orphans, and where will you be then?
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    @DLMousey SJW's really do spread like cancer, one minute you are listening how they want to ban bossy, the next day they want to ban videogames and now they are trying to ruin open source. Where does it stop?
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    @JKyll it stops the moment you throw them out as soon as they raise their slimy heads and start uttering their BS. That's the best moment for a big "fuck you".
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    @dev-nope Just watched the video.. I fucking love that guy, lol!
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    Btw., one area where they tried to take over was metal. They failed epically because they usually apply shaming tactics to accuse people that they don't "fit in".

    Only that the essence of metal is not fitting in, going one's own way against all odds and fuck society. When they tried their reproaches, the reaction was "haha yeah and that's cool".
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    And before I get mistaken, which can be easy given that I repeatedly rant against the retarded end of the leftist spectrum..

    I'm all for treating people equally based on what they can do and know. I don't care whether you're black or white, male or female, or what you do in your bedroom as long as it's in mutual agreement among adults. For work, I don't even care whether you speak my local language as long as you speak English.

    But while I won't treat you any worse just because you're black or female or LGBT or whatever, I also won't treat you any better or with velvet gloves. As female co-worker, you won't get mansplaining (unless being asked) from me because I expect you to know your shit.
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    Interestingly out of master/slave only the slave part seems offensive. If it was just master/something-else I think it would be fine (I'm assuming; definitely not offended by it lol, can't relate)

    So why are all of the suggestions trying to map master to something else? Has he no suggestions for slave, or is it just not an offensive part?

    I'm so lost. Also renaming master to parent will cause so much confusion because parent is definitely already a thing!
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    SJW ruining everything by seeing problems everywhere. Those people that want to "change the world" but not themselves. There's no such thing as introspection. It's an epidemic psychose. Like a religion, following the holy scriptures of virtue. Modern inquisition.
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    @JKyll it won't have died, they'd have put it to sleep.

    Remember, no terms anyone could ever find slightly awkward!
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    Yes, I think this change was unnecessary, but like who gives a fuck. I think the outrage is overblown and people assume that python is going down the shitter or something. Yes it might be virtue signalling or whatever part of identity politics, but I also don't like being guilt tripped every time I start vim and still I don't throw a fit.

    So I'm not sure why people are so upset, are you uncomfortable that people/maintainers who make the software you are using might have different views/opinions on society/politics?
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    @JKyll you laugh, but it's not far from the mark. It's all about getting us accustomed to 'merge into parent' and desensitising us to the inevitability of being assimilated into the AI singularity.
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    @DLMousey That's really quite a stretch, especially since we are talking about open source software here. Do you genuinely believe that this is a step to the downfall of free speech?

    I'm really trying to understand what the outrage is about?

    Are people surprised that behind a project there are humans with own opinions and views, which they might or might not voice in their projects in various ways? (thinking software development is a "politics free" zone is naive).

    Or are some people really afraid of cultural change? But in that case probably the cpython project would be the least of your worries.

    Because let's be honest here, the master/slave changes to cpython do not worsen the readability of the comments. So any argument in this direction is just a facade.

    But I take my guess here, people are offended because someone made a political statement which does not align with their worldviews.
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    @bootleg-dev Do I believe it's the downfall of freedom of speech? No, but it's not a step towards it either.

    Don't try to romanticize the subject, we know humans with feelings and opinions work in the open source community but don't shit talk me about voicing opinions when they are locking threads willi-nilly and just merging PC bullshit into code ignoring their community.

    Yes my friend, as amazing as it sounds I don't want politics in my job and in my hobby, I write software not laws, my software and I don't care about your feelings, we do what we need to and we do it right that's how real programmers do it.

    This is enforcing cultural change not promoting it an I agree cpython and software are little compared to the shit they've done but it doesn't need to pile on.

    And lastly, if you want to talk about intolerance of other viewpoints please go and voice your opinion on the cpython thread, ups you can't it's locked.
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    @JKyll "my software and I don't care about your feelings" well I guess you could say the same about the python developers renaming master/slave.

    Also nothing against voicing your opinions, but my main point is that this outrage is blown out of proportion. I have seen at least 3 threads here. You could even go as far and say people are triggered.

    And since the change was only in the comments (which do not hinder the readability/understanding of the code), the only argument that can be made is that it is a slippery slope to whatever dystopian "SJW" future you can imagine.

    And if you really want "no politics" in your code, ask yourself how you would react if there was controversy about some "dank edgy meme"-comment (you know what kind of comments I mean) being removed from the code. Would you care?
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    @DLMousey Very broad sweeping change? Did you see the diff? It replaces 7 instances of master or slave...in

    And if you are talking about slippery slope doors, this is probably the smallest door with the most disproportionate outrage that has been opened in the recent years.
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    @bootleg-dev it always starts small, please take a minute to sign this petition https://chn.ge/2OofBHx
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    @JKyll ++'d for the name.
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    @bootleg-dev I don't think renaming master/slave is such an issue, but it encourages three dangerous things:

    1. It is indeed a slippery slope — the next PR might replace subject-observers with snowflake-sympathizers patterns. With millions of existing projects built on frameworks, you're going to incur serious breaking changes eventually.

    2. Erasing history. By removing all negative concepts from colloquial speech, we might end up forgetting about those concepts. We should not avoid talking about horrific events just because they make us feel uncomfortable. Any therapist will tell you: suppressing and avoiding trauma is not a great idea, you need to dig deep and talk about it until it stops hurting.

    3. The PC movement comes with a very strong anti-meritocratic viewpoint: Don't accept code because it's the best code for the project, accept it to make minorities feel included. As much as I'd love to see more diversity in development, "your code is horrible but I can't decline it because you're a woman" is deeply offensive in my opinion.
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