Lots of master/slave chat on here... ironically not a black and white issue it would seem.

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    Slaves and masters was in the "slave period" also not a black and white issue.

    It was a black issue but a white solution for an issue.
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    That's the exact reason.
    It isn't about "racism" and nobody has taken offense at the terms.
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    That's what happens when the kids who grew on SATA get in charge.
    Can you please not break my DNS servers next!??
    Will they be offended by unix daemons next? We're back in the 30s and letting these peoples' agenda get in the way of tech. Good grief.
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    Hulk feels offended by your rant.
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    I second the comments about the terms never having a racist connotation outside of history class. BTW, here in the US the vast majority of actual slavery was historically a white/black issue, but worldwide that is not remotely the case. History is complicated, but one thing is for sure: slapping a new meaning onto the terms is virtue signaling crap.
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