One part of me wants to switch jobs immediately because I have to continually put up with completely non technical geniuses that just frustrate me to no end and I get paid what a junior gets paid, which also frustrates me to no end.

But on the plus side, I work remotely, I don't take my job seriously at all, they get about as much work as they pay me for.

So really all I have to do is to find a way to not get so frustrated and angry and just ride the wave.

On the other hand, it is not doing my career any justice and I really need to be on a team I can collaborate with and have my code reviewed properly to improve myself.

Just so hard knowing if I leave I will actually have to go back to work.

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    just go man, follow the wave to the other direction 😂

    I'm being serious, start searching for a new job, maybe you can find a great deal which will make you current job feels like real shit xD

    You can make it man, I believe in you (although I find know you)
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    Man, don't settle for mediocrity. You will regret it later on in your life...
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    Develop a collection of scripts that automates most tasks 😉

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    Haha too funny. I already automate 95% of all my tasks. But got some good ideas from that repo.
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