It all began yesterday in my math lesson.My teacher introduced us into a new subject: The Heron method.
This is a method for iteratively computing the square root of a number which was made up by Hero of Alexandria.
But here's the cool part:
When my teacher said "method" I had the thought that I could make a programm on my TI-82 Stats (my calculator).
So I used the next break to make a little programm that does exactly the same what my mates has to do in several steps, in just one step.
Here is a picture so I can explain the programm:

First it asks for the root that it should calculate then for a value to begin with and finally for the amount of arithmetic operations.
Then it goes trough the algorithm and displays the interim results (this is important for later ...) .
So back in story.It wasn't surprising that we got exercises with this method as homework but through my programm I just needed 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes (like my class mates).

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    I did the same for the ABC formula. It printed all steps we had to write down.

    If the Ti84 Stat is about the same as TI84+ then you can also create a chat application. Add two little bluetooth dongles and you can ask questions during class
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    Oh, right, I build that method in C once (because I don't have a programmable calculator 😭) .
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    When I was in high school I once used used my Mobile C app to write small program that calculated a solution that wasnt in the book.
    It wasnt that important but i did it because everybody was curious what the result realy was.
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    I wrote a quadratic formula solver that output all of the work, displayed everything in pretty print, aligned terms, handled imaginary results, displayed the (nicely fit) solution graph, etc.

    Wrote it in 7th grade in my first programming language ever: TI83 BASIC

    There are a lot of quadratic solvers, but that one was a masterpiece. 😊 I'm still impressed with what I built.
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    Fuck CX-CAS with its LUA shit.
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    @Codex404 oo. That sounds cool
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    As u can see I have the TI-82 Stats .It has hardware components from the TI-82 but the software from the TI-83.
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    @Root that sounds fucking amazing for the 7th grade. Back then I was impressed when I made a calculator in visual basic.
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    @MarkoVlaic0 Thanks! 😊
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    @Root are you a genius or smth? 😮
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    @irene 😅 Thanks!
    But I think anyone could have written that if they wanted to
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    @Root I doubt I could have written such thing at that age. 🙁 I'm a dumbo
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