Fuck frontend. Writing a new service thingy and while the backend was done in about one fucking hour, I've been working on the frontend for hours now because frontend fucking hates me and that feeling is fucking mutual.

Grrrrrrr. (and respect for the ones who can properly develop nice looking interfaces)

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    Can't agree more
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    Frontend more like dead-end.
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    Welcome to full stack developer

    Backend: all good, same


    ---Personal project: GUI does what I want, good enough

    ---On the job: GUI needs to be pretty and animated.... Wait it's off on IE.... Need to also support mobile...

    It's like that meme about when someone else is looking or not
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    Is that you?
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    I'm exactly the same
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    i dream about ages that the whole ui was some black terminal
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    allthough i admit that devrant has an amazing UI
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    Here's a visual aid for working with CSS.
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    It took a year to do a project that should have taken 3 months.

    The reason? front end bullshit, specifically, gulp and javascript.

    nuff said.
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    @rant1ng you should've seen what it was like before browsers and Node made JS became sexy. Do you remember when JQuery first came out?

    At that time, I think I was like wow, no more cross browser compat issues.... But that was just the beginning....
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    @andros705 well that's how tech works? There are lots of versions of C++ too I think... and Python.

    Wasnt born back then but I've seen books when I was a kid: MS, Borland? And now GNU.

    And then there's also all the forks based on JVM....
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    Even though it may not be one of the most enjoyable things to work on

    Sadly the front-end is still very important 😒
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    thats why we should have a front end developer in our "team"
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