Python was not racist before and it’s not racist now. All they did was change some terminology to satisfy the insane people and it’s made no difference. Except to insane people, they can see the “difference.” Good for them.

Congratulations on politicizing a scripting language, earth.

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    Racist or not, bowing to the wishes of insane people means they are even more insane. Next up, they'll have to change the name Python to something else because it is too 'snake-like.' When does it end?
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    God forbid we gotta start changin language names all together lol

    "C*nt starts with 'C'" - rename it

    "A snake made Adam and Eve sin, python is a snake" - rename it

    "I'm paralyzed from the waist down, Go offends me" - rename it

    "I'm allergic to LaTex" - rename it
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    Wait, what did they change in python? I heard about master/slave in Reddis...
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    @arcadesdude @Holyfield3000 couldn’t have said it better myself, agree with both of you.
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    Fuck these guys and shit. I am out.
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    @EclipseMain i could use that color, thanks for the idea
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    Most of all is the response to people calling the people behind the merge mental or lunatic - "we have discussed this already, just go to twitter" lol!
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    That's why you throw out these SJW shitheads the very moment they start their useless whining. Eject them from the project, and along with them everyone who supports them, if you want your project to thrive.
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    Projects this size should never have a system where a few can decide, have all changes pushed by a mass automatic and secure vote.
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    @Fast-Nop the creator of python is highly supportive of it 😉
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    @JoshBent oh fuck. I guess he hasn't the slightest idea of what's going on and thinks the SJW shitheads have actually something useful in mind - which they don't, can't and won't because it's shit all along in their nobs. I really hate these fucktards because everything they touch turns shit. Some crap version of king Midas.
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    @JoshBent these days I worry that would cause the same issue
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    @Fast-Nop pretty sure Guido is one himself, shit sticks well with other shit lol
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    @FrodoSwaggins welp I guess just freeze the development, it has peaked and now it's just lunatics changing spaces/tabs and words.
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