Fuck man.. Only this is left to invent...

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    Remember when the Gameboy Color came out and it was the shit? Good times. Good stuff.
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    For their price, I think they've got a GPU hidden there
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    Does it run skyrim though
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    In college, I used to write formulas on the back of it with a pencil. It's surface and color perfectly camouflages anything written on it with graphite. Made my math exams a lot easier.

    This comment is for educational purposes only. (no pun intended)
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    @bigus-dickus ya right we are using it...
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    I used to type "fuck" and "motherfucker" with the available characters for fun 😅
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    @Anirudh09 There's no way I'm telling you that you could scan & print fake labels and stick 'em on to half litre cola bottles. You do have to keep yourself hydrated during exams don't you?

    Also that you could write stuff on your penis in a way that its only visible when you get a boner.

    Ok that one was a joke. But I'm curious about it though......ummm🤔
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    @bigus-dickus username checks out
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    Fuck man mind your language..
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    Oh yeah no swearing on this good christian website
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    @yatanvesh "guys! This is a Christian channel everyone! No swearing!"
    Good old times with pewds
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    You can play doom on TI calculators.
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    @sbiewald isn't that wolfenstein?
  • 3
    @Commodore No, it's the first level of doom (I 've photographed a bad spot).
    Wolfenstein (3D) and Doom were both created by id, the art style is similar.
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