I started using Google Docs over the weekend working on my thesis paper for my CS degree. I've come to the conclusion that it's a suitable replacement for MS Office and my need for Microsoft's ecosystem. Don't know why I kept paying it for so long.

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    I don't use MS Office anymore for around 4 years and I don't miss it at all. But for papers I stick to LaTeX (Overleaf) which looks more professional and consistent (plus it has GitHub integration, which is nice).
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    Microsoft office? Is that still a thing ? 😛

    For not complex work google docs/sheets are the best.
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    I would like my files to be for my own eyes only, thank you.
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    @julkali that's a valid point, but I'd rather have them in the cloud backed up and accessible from my phone. Too many lost and corrupted .docx and .pptx files in the past tell me it's often not worth the "secrecy" of offline.

    There's of course a self hosted solution, but I still don't think it's worth the hassle for 99% of the files.
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    @lucaspar In that case,
    LaTeX + a private git repo are your friends.
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    @lucaspar Plus you can't do live collaboration. That's a necessary features when I'm working with other students and we can't just meet somewhere at a specific time anymore (seniors are stupid busy)
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    @xzvf good luck trying to get your non tech savvy friends to use LaTeX and Git.

    Also, what's the difference between a private repo or a private google doc? You can't know for sure what Google or MS are doing with your data.
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    @lucaspar Impossible, and that's why Google Docs is an intermediary.
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    @lucaspar 1) Fair, non tech savy friends are a problem.
    2) By private I meant self hosted instance of gitlab/gitea/etc on a vps.
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