Boss assigned me a task on Google Docs:

Boss: "Please remove this line"

Me: "What!? You're already there! How hard is it to fucking select the fucking sentence with your fucking touchpad and press the fucking delete key on your fucking keyboard!? Why assign me with such a fucking waste of time and fucking trivial task!?"

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    Fired. Justification: extraordinary amount of "fuck" used in conversation with supervisor. We wish you all the fucking best you fucking fuck.
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    "Delegation" 😂
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    Because he's the boss and he can. Adulting sucks.
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    He doesnt't know implications and the potential damages that the removal of that line can cause.. so he want's you, the developer, to do what your getting paid for. I guess..
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    Maybe he wants to be able to blame you in case that line would later still be required
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    Schedule a 2 hour meeting about the best way to remove said line
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    "assigned a task on Google Doc" bye
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    @Kaisp its a project specification document ;) I am pretty sure my boss knows what to include and what not to include.

    The situation feels like I am being assigned to fix a typo, where he could have done it himself.
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    @silly-symphony hah! Well in that case! Fuckedy fuck fuck fuck! 👍🏻🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Assuming you we're the author of that section of the document, it's because people learn so much better by doing than watching.

    Your boss could have just fixed it, but by having you do it, you developed a bit in the process.

    Now if you weren't the author on the other hand....
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    He probably spent more time assigning the task to you than actually doing it himself.
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    its a trap
    it's a super important peice of code that'll goof up production and get you fired
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    @direct right?
    1) select the line
    2) right-click
    3) click "add comment"
    4) tag him in it and write the comment
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    Boss os teaching you to do stuff the way boss wants. Of boss removes stuff, boss will never finish removing stuff, bur if boss tells you to do it, you will do this same thing the next time.

    In other words: delegation.
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    @mundo03 Boss is boss. It's how economy works! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Atlas exactly. Unless flat hierarchy, where you still have a boss but you don't and everything asked fo you comes with a please and take your time.
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