So a friend got on MATFYZ (best and probably hardest Uni in our country - Math& Physics) and told me some first impressions today and well, fuck me.. or us..

One dude said he hadn't had much of a time for preparations on getting onto the Uni because he was busy writing learning book about nano stuff and not only for students, but for fucking TEACHERS! He was at the same age as I am now when he wrote this. There were more stories but this one's insane.

Meanwhile I'm here programming fizzbuzz not even studying IT related school (don't ask, bad decisions, or maybe good, probably good, but still) and not knowing shit really.

Is it just me orrr ?

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    Do you study at Uni or going to? And in which field?

    I write program for professor and PhD, but I don't know shit about programming and even this software is easy, but useful (python script to automatically read data from HPLC software). It doesnt make me awesome programmer or even especially smart, because everyone could do that if spend enough time (for me it was to much and will be faster to do manually). Sure this guy could be genius, but could just spend time to collect and arange knowledge in useful way for beginners and intermediate (teachers sometime has to much backwars)
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    @Omnisus Going to next year
    Maybe yeah, maybe not. But these people are often so damn clever.

    They were looking at the night sky and talking like "... next to the star CX3911P is ..." and seriously, what on Earth.. You could of course know few stars and then act clever but I think that's not what those folks did..
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    Meantime I am like duck's penis is like corkscrew, echidna is four head and first case of anima homosexual necrophilia was observed in ducks, but I guess it isn't as impressive as stars name.

    If you have some interests in something you know more about it than someone who dont give a shit. You could watch tv shows and read rumors about celebrity, but for most of people it is common knowleage and quite dumb, so not as impresive as knowledge about stars (also tough studies in STEM field could collect this kind of people rather than social-party kind).

    To impress normal folks you have to know shallows facts about a lot of things, but probably the are curious about world and astronomy in that case and this impress you, because for me this kind of people are great to talk and far more interesting.
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