Weekend projects are fun! Although front end is still a challenge, it looks good enough.

Suddenly got the idea to do something with letsencrypt/nginx wildcard subdomains (*.example.com) so created a project around that now through which you can check what your ip address/user agent/operating system/ip version is (maybe more to come) but due to the wildcard part you can enter quite a number of subdomains which all show the related info.

I'd find it very useful myself, not sure if other people would but oh well!

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    Surprised 11 others didn't ask it and just upvoted, but what's the end result? you can enter any subdomain and it all routes to the same virtual host? was this just for testing purposes? since I don't get how the subdomain would be of any importance then? 😅
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    @JoshBent Well, I dropped about 500 yet again but yeah, that's exactly the result :)
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