Everytime I see an Ad on YouTube I open up the context menu next to it and tap 'Stop seeing this ad' and mark it as 'Inappropriate', because it's not appropriate that google shows me ads, claiming they need money to keep yt going, after they've just uploaded data from all my devices and have used that data to better their services which results in them making more money [from the use of my data].

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    I use an adblocker.
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    How do they make money by only making their services better?
    No one is going to pay YouTube for recommending you better videos (except advertisers)
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    @Panni you do not understand.
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    @Panni They use data from devices of their users like what videos do people watch in a row, etc to make their prediction algorithms better.

    So in a way by using YouTube you're making it better.
    EDIT: Typo
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    @N0-Flux-Given and the better it gets the more people use their shit and the more money they make as a result
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    One source of income is also the NSA. They're integrated in the prism surveillance program and receive money for that as far as I'm aware.
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    YouTube won't magically generate money when you visit their website.
    Technically they lose money since you're the reason their servers have to do work.

    They need to show you ads to generate income (which, as far as I know, isn't even enough for YouTube to be profitable for Google/Alphabet).

    If there's another way they make money off you besides Crypto-mining or a few YouTube Red subscribtions let me know
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    @Panni you still do not understand.
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    @jAsE I don't mind getting an explanation to change my mind/view, go ahead
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    @jAsE what about an explanation then? In the current state I think you are unable and also unwilling to understand
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    @koin no. You can figure it out for yourselves. It's very simple and most people older than 10 are smart enough to not need help understanding something like this.
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    @jAsE OK I got it know, don't feed the troll 👍
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